We are so very excited to have you and your student join us this season ! You and your family are very important to us and we appreciate your patronage. This season with COVID behind us , dance education, classes and competitions are back to a regular schedule. Instead of the private blocks and custom scheduled times, we’re all back to full weekends together. This is wonderful news for the dance students who lost so much over the past 2 years. It’s going to be a fantastic year for the students and for parents too! Let’s be proud of our achievements as a dance community and thankful for the opportunity to continue to work . Our Top Dance Educators will be joining us once again this coming year for a Super Fun, Inspirational Season of Dance and they can’t wait to see you too! All our best wishes, Carol and Phil.

If you have any questions regarding anything, contact your Studio Owner. Your Studio Owner will determine your meetup time, performance time, arrival time. We regret during the busy travel tour season , we do not have staff available to answer questions on hotels, travel, general times. Your Dance Studio Owner will have this info for you .

Note: CONVENTION WORKSHOP: Independent Entries are accepted.
COMPETITION. We do not accept independent entries. If you are a Solo, your dance studio owner must enter you online and dance studio owner/ teacher must be present at the show with you.

At this time, with continued high school restrictions and concerns for gathering each Student Dancer is allowed just 1 (adult) Chaperone during their event.

No food or drink is allowed in theatres, auditoriums , locker rooms or dressing rooms. If you choose to bring a cooler, it must remain in the car. Unlike a movie theatre, you may face fines from school and /or disqualification from competition for bringing food into theatre, competition room or dressing space.

In event dancer cannot attend due to illness, injury… the teacher may substitute another dancer in the same category, same age, and same ability. If Teacher can not substitute dancer, a credit will be given to the studio. No refunds can be made.

Souvenir Program Books $10., with all the Acts and dance student names are available for sale on show day only, not earlier in week.

The Schedule sometimes is adjusted just days before performances due to high school last minute needs of which we have no control.
It is not possible for us to get short notice schedule updates on our website. Any and All Information will come to you from your Studio Owner regarding the competition and any changes to your performance times. Your Final Schedule arrives to the Dance Studio 5-7 days prior to the event, and any adjustments come 1-2 days later.

By entering a Step Up 2 Dance competition, participants, (dancers, teachers, choreographers) give their permission to Step Up 2 Dance to use their photograph, video, and /or likeness in any promotional effort without compensation. Step up 2 dance is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

I fully understand that dancers competing in a dance competition take certain incumbent risks. These include, but are not limited to sprains, pulled muscles, broken bones. Injuries can be minimal, serious, and catastrophic. By entering the competition, I forever release Step Up2Dance, owners, directors, staff, and independent contractors from any and all claims, damages, liability, loss of service, and cause of action of any kind including negligence or its future negligence which may occur while participating in any activity connected with this dance competition, including traveling to and from the event.

By entering the competition you are in agreement to the waiver and have read understood and agreed to the rulers in the participants' waiver.

Click here to print your  Parent release for your Student.